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About Jay Liu

jay liu in his element

My mission

I seek to amplify human capability, primarily through the design of software tools and processes.

Work history in a nutshell

I started out developing Windows applications. Then I developed web applications.

Then I went into user experience design. This was after deciding that I like to be thinking about what to build rather than how to build it.

Now, my primary role is to conduct user research, as well as do design and prototype interactions. I work simultaneously on a number of different projects, all while within the same work organization.

While I still do developer-like things on occasion, it is to serve the needs of user research and interaction design.

While I am not actively seeking employment opportunities at this time, here is my résumé if you want to discuss opportunities for work pertaining to high-impact UX.

Why this site?

This site aims to bring the many ideas in my head about interfaces, interactions, and design methods, so I could continue to refine them. It’s a notebook, a lab, and a showcase.

My interests

My topics of interest include design, human-computer interaction, communication (especially visual and symbolic), collaboration, creativity, graphic and print design, visual analytics, urban design, last-mile transportation, cognitive and behavioral psychology, photography, economics, sociology.

Other interests and endeavors include being a dad, husband, photographer, mechanical keyboard enthusiast, crafter and user of sketchbooks, web tech tinkerer, podcast and audiobook consumer, reader, and a practicing member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Thank you for stopping by!

You can get in touch with me at @JayLiu50


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