About Jay Liu

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Why this site?

This (messy) site aims to bring the many ideas in my head about interfaces, interactions, and design methods, so I could continue to refine them. It’s a notebook, a lab, and a showcase.

My Journey to Design

I started out developing Windows applications. Then I developed web applications.

Then I went into user experience design because I realized I liked thinking about what to build rather than how to build it.

Now, my primary role is to conduct user research, design, and prototype interactions. I work simultaneously on a number of different projects, all while within the same work organization.

While I still do developer-like things on occasion, it is to serve the needs of user research and interaction design.

While I am not actively seeking employment opportunities at this time, here is my résumé if you want to discuss opportunities for work pertaining to high-impact UX.

My interests

My topics of interest include design, human-computer interaction, communication (especially visual and symbolic), collaboration, creativity, graphic and print design, visual analytics, urban design, last-mile transportation, cognitive and behavioral psychology, photography, economics, and sociology.

Other interests and endeavors include being a dad, husband, photographer, mechanical keyboard enthusiast, crafter and user of sketchbooks, web tech tinkerer, podcast and audiobook consumer, reader , and a practicing member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Thank you for stopping by!


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