Portfolio Design

I designed and built this website (the one you're reading right now). I go a bit meta and show the thoughts and considerations behind the scenes.

Folio Forge

A web application for DIY notebook makers

This web application helps people create custom notebook paper easily.

Student Portfolio

Masters in Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University (2014–2015)

Portfolio of work heavily weighted toward user research, team collaboration, and prototyping

In my personal work, I’ve been inspired by the concept of the étude and seek to apply it to my study of interaction design:

In music composition, an étude is defined as

  1. a piece of music for the practice of a point of technique
  2. a composition built on a technical motive but played for its artistic value

I put these together to try to stay sharp and expand my experience of interaction design.

The nature of my current work prevents me from speaking openly about it. However, I hope to demonstrate the same design process, posture, and methods I use professionally, by including these artifacts.